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We hope to have these DIY Kits available soon

All DIY Kits are written based on the law in Australia. The following DIY Kits are almost finalised and will soon be available for purchase through this website:

  • Assets, Liabilities and Financial Resources Table – “Follow the Guide and complete the sample document to help ensure all items, no matter how owned, are included“.
  • Planning Timetable for Child Arrangements – “Enables you to clearly set our the time the Child(ren) will spend with each parent“. Choose from:
    • Fortnightly Planning Timetable.
    • Four (4) Weekly Planning Timetable.
    • Monthly Planning Timetable.
  • Divorce – Affidavit of Translator – “Necessary when your Marriage Certificate is not in English“.
  • Divorce – Affidavit as to Separation under the Same Roof – “Necessary if you have spent less than 12 months living in separate houses“.
  • Orders – – “Follow the Guide and complete the sample document to prepare the Orders to be used either when applying for Consent or to attach to your Application when you initiate Court Proceedings“. Choose from:
    • Property Orders – simple.
    • Property Orders – complex.
    • Child Orders – simple.
    • Child Orders – complex.
    • Combined Property and Child Orders – simple.
    • Combined Property and Child Orders – complex.
  • Affidavit – “Follow the Guide and complete the precedent Affidavit to prepare the Affidavit to be filed when you initiate Court Proceedings”. Choose from:
    • Property Affidavit.
    • Child Affidavit.
    • Combined Property and Child Affidavit
  • A DIY Kit to be proposed by you?


If you are interested in any of these DIY Kits, please contact us to register your interest. Not only can we then let you know as soon as that DIY Kit is available, but the more interest we receive in a product, the higher a priority it will become for us. We will concentrate on making available first, those products that are most in demand.

You can make the product you want available sooner, by letting us know you’re interested in it. Registering your interest in a product does not create any obligation to purchase it.

If there is a topic you’d like to see an DIY Kit prepared for, please contact us to let us know. We want to publish and make available, the products you want!

About our DIY Kits

The DIY Kits available for purchase through this website have been prepared by consulting Australian Legal Practitioners. They provide detailed general information about particular aspects of Family Law .

Our DIY Kits:

  • are up-to-date;
  • have been written in “lay” terms, using clear and concise language;
  • are easy to understand and follow;
  • contain step by step instructions or checklists;
  • provide practical guidance;
  • help you “do it yourself”;
  • will save you legal costs;
  • are exceptionally affordable, especially when compared against the option of paying a lawyer an hourly rate (commonly around $300 – $550 an hour for an experienced lawyer).

By reading and using our Fact Sheets, E-Books & DIY Kits you should be able to educate yourself about the general position in relation to that area of law.

If you can educate yourself about an area of law and prepare documents yourself, then you are likely to save yourself significant legal costs by:

  • not having to pay your lawyer to explain that general position to you, but rather, you will only need your lawyer to explain how that applies to your own personal circumstances; and
  • only needing your lawyer to check the documents you have prepared and update them for your own personal circumstances (if necessary).

You may save yourself thousands of dollars!

If you have found our Fact Sheets helpful, then we hope you will consider purchasing one of our E-Books or DIY Kits.

It is through those purchases and our advertisers, that we are able to provide the almost 200 Information Sheets on our website, free of charge.

If you would like to make a donation to us, become an advertiser, provide a product, or purchase one of our products then we’d love to hear from you.

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