Separations under the Same Roof

What must you do if you’ve been separated under the same roof 

If some or all of your 12 month separation period was spent living under the same roof, the court will require further information from you as evidence to prove you were in fact separated before granting your Application for Divorce.

With your Divorce Application, you will usually have to file an Affidavit stating all the facts that prove you were separated despite the fact you were both still living under the same roof.

It will be changes in the way you related to each other during your marriage and after your separation that will be able to prove to the court that your marital relationship was over and you were separated, even though you were living under the same roof.

This might include:



  • living in separate bedrooms;
  • the ceasing of intimacy and sexual activity;
  • having separate bank accounts and finances;
  • not doing household services for each other like washing, preparation of meals etc;
  • acting so that it is clear to friends, family members, neighbours, employers etc that you are separated and your marriage has ended;
  • not attending social activities together;
  • not socialising together inside the home or sharing entertainment activities together in the home (eg watching TV, having friends over for dinner etc).

If you need to file an Affidavit about your separation under the same roof with your Divorce Application, then you can read how to do so in our information sheet How to prepare an Affidavit.

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