Documenting Your Parenting Agreement: Parenting Plans

What is a Parenting Plan & what goes in a Parenting Plan? 

A Parenting Agreement cannot be a Parenting Plan unless it is made free from any threat, duress or coercion.

It was only until 2003 that a Parenting Plan could be registered with the Court.

A Parenting Plan registered prior to the 2003 changes to the law, remains in force until it is revoked by agreement in writing by the parties or by Court Order.

A Parenting Plan is not binding or enforceable unless it is made after 1 July 2006 and amends a previous Court Order.

If the Parenting Plan is not binding or enforceable, the Court will however consider the contents of the Parenting Plan.  A Parenting Plan is a parenting agreement which documents parenting arrangments and must be:

  • written; and
  • made by the parents of a child; and



  • signed by the parents of the child; and
  • dated; and
  • dealing with any one or more of the following things:
    • who a child lives with;
    • the time a child spends with the other parent, relatives or another person;
    • the allocation of “parental responsibility” for a child;
    • if 2 or more persons are to share parental responsibility for a child, the way those persons consult with one another about decisions to be made for the Child;
    • the (frequency and type of) communication a child is to have with other parent, relatives or another person;
    • the financial support of a child;
    • how disputes about the terms of the Parenting Plan are resolved;
    • what process will be used to change the Parenting Plan to take account of the changing needs or circumstances of either the Child or the parties to the Parenting Plan;
    • any aspect of the care, welfare or development of the Child; or
    • any other aspect of parental responsibility for a Child.

Documenting a Parenting Agreement: More Information

We also have the following Fact Sheets providing more legal information about documenting your Parenting Agreement:


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