Preventing a Child Travelling Overseas: No Passport Issued

How to Stop a Child from Travelling Overseas when Child doesn’t have a Passport Yet 

After parents have separated or divorced, there can sometimes be a concern by one parent about either:

A child travelling temporarily to an overseas destination.
A child being abducted from Australia and taken overseas to live permanently outside Australia.

There is a Child Passport Application Form which is almost all circumstances both parents have to sign for a child’s passport to be issued.

If you want to stop a child being issued an Australian passport or travelling overseas, you can:



  1. Lodge a Child Alert Request with the Australian Passports Office;
  2. Make an Application to the Court.

A Child Alert Request may prevent the issue of a child’s passport by alerting the Australian Passports Office that you have not given consent.

It is only a warning to the Australian Passport Office to pay special attention to the Application, it is not a guarantee a passport won’t be issued.

A Child Alert Request will remain in effect for a maximum of 12 months.

A Child Alert Request does not prevent a child from leaving Australia on a valid Australian (already issued) or a foreign passport.

If a passport for the Child has been issued in another country then you need to contact the embassy for that Country in Australia.

If your child already has a passport then the only way to stop them leaving Australia by plane is to get a PACE alert (see “My Child already has a Passport“).


Child Passports & International Child Abduction: More Information

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