Who makes Long Term, Short Term and Day to Day Decisions for the Child

What type of Decisions can I make for my own Child? 

Who makes the what type of decisions for a Child depends on:

  • What the Court Orders says as to who has “Parental Responsibility” for the Child; and
  • Whether the decision relates to a Major Long Term issue or whether it is a day to day welfare issue.

Usually the parent who has the care of the Child that day, will be responsible for decisions about the day to day welfare of the Child.

When do you have to make decisions together with the other Parent

If Equal Shared Parental Responsibility Order applies, then this requires parents make joint decisions about major long-term issues for the child together. This requires at the bare minimum, an objectively clear genuine attempt at consultation and reaching agreement

An Order for Equal Shared Parental Responsibility requires the parents to:



  • consult each other; and
  • make a genuine effort to attempt to make decisions

in relation to any major long term issues for their Child.

More Information on Child’s Time with Parents & Parental Responsibility

We also have the following Fact Sheets which will provide you with more information on this topic:


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