Same Sex Relationships: Civil Unions

Which States and Territories allow Civil Unions or Civil Partnerships in Australia

From 9 December 2017 Same Sex couples have been able to marry in Australia.  Previously, in Australia, if a Same Sex Couple wanted to formalise their union, only some Australian States and Territories allowed couples to have a Civil Union or Civil Partnership.

Where a State or Territory did have provision for couples to utilise a Civil Union scheme, the Civil Union or Civil Partnership is usually only recognised in the particular State or Territory in which the Civil Union or Civil Partnership occured.

Only some States and Territories allowed an official ceremony.

Same sex couples were able to have Civil Unions or Civil Partnerships in:

  • Australian Capital Territory;
  • Tasmania;
  • Victoria;
  • New South Wales (no official ceremony)
  • Queensland (no official ceremony).



Queensland did briefly have legislation allowing a Civil Partnership with an official ceremony however after a change in government in 2012, that legislation was amended to only allow for the Registration of a Same Sex Relationship.

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