Can I do Lump Sum Child Support Payments

Making a Lump Sum Child Support Payment 

It is possible through a Child Support Agreement for one parent to make a lump sum payment to the other parent.

By making a Lump Sum Payment, they can credit or offset their liability under the Child Support Agreement.

A Lump Sum Payment can include the transfer of property (e.g. a house or unit).

Lump sum payments provisions have certain conditions which include:



  • It may only be applied though a Binding Child Support Agreement;
  • An administrative Child Support Agency assessment must be in force;
  • The value of the lump sum must be specified in the Binding Child Support Agreement;
  • The value of the lump sum must be equal to or higher than the annual rate of child support as assessed by Child Support Agency.

The lump sum payment is treated as a credit towards Child Support payments.

Child Support payments will resume and be payable as normal once the credit has reduced to zero.

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