Should you get Consent Orders: What are the Benefits

Why you should have Consent Orders to protect & preserve your Parenting Agreement 

Applying for Consent Orders will ensure your agreement is properly documented, binding and enforceable.

Documenting your agreement in Consent Orders can be a very cost effective way of protecting, ensuring and enforcing your property settlement rights.

Having Consent Orders made by the Court can also avoid considerable heartache and legal costs in the future regarding child issues, if parenting issues arise again in the future.

If you reach agreement but want to keep things informal (without a Court Order), you can be taking a big risk.

If you agree, why not put it in writing and get it make as an Order by the Court, so there will never be any misunderstanding or attempt by one person to change things if their circumstances change.

Consent Orders – More Information



Some people want to save legal costs and prepare their Consent Orders themselves without using a Lawyer. We have a separate Fact sheet about whether you can do your own Consent Orders and still have them be binding.

We have prepared an easy to follow list of the steps involved in get the Court to make the Consent Orders you are seeking. Read our information sheet What is the procedure to get Court issued Consent Orders.

You need to know whether the Court is likely to make the Consent Orders you have agreed on with your former spouse. See our the information sheet Will the Court make the Consent Orders we agree on.

You can make an application for Consent Orders about issues including Parenting, Property Settlement and Spousal Maintenance, however there are some issues about which the Court will not be prepared to make Consent Orders. Find out more in our information sheet When can you use Consent Orders.

It would be nice to be able to rely on your former spouse’s word, but you are no longer together and the only thing you can have complete trust in, in relation to something as serious as your children or property, is a Court Order.

There are a lot of benefits to documenting your property settlement or parenting (or both) agreement in Consent Orders. Why doing so might be good for your own situation is explained in the information sheet What are the Advantages of Consent Orders.



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