Are Binding Financial Agreements actually enforceable

Will my Binding Financial Agreement be legally enforceable 

Will your BFA “stand up” to scrutiny if your former spouse won’t abide by it?  Difficulties frequently arise when parties buy a template document but don’t engage a Lawyer to actually customise it to their circumstances.

Financial Agreements will only be binding, enforced by a Court and have to be followed by your partner, if all of the legal requirements are met as required by the Family Law Act 1975 and case law that has interpreted the Act.

The Court or your partner will not have to follow the provisions you agreed upon and put in your Binding Financial Agreement if it is found to be invalid, so unenforceable and is set aside, because you did not comply with all of the legal requirements.

Legal Requirements for a Binding Financial Agreement

The legal requirements which must be met for a BFA (Financial Relationship Agreement) to be valid and enforceable, include:



  • The Binding Financial Agreement must be signed by all parties.
  • Before Binding Financial Agreement is signed each party must obtain their own independent legal advice.
  • The Lawyers who give the advice must give advice addressing specific matters set out in the legislation and then sign the required Certificate (which is provided to the client before they sign the Binding Financial Agreement);
  • A copy of each of the Certificates signed by each of the Lawyers, must be provided to both parties.

Effectiveness of your Binding Financial Agreement

Nobody can guarantee absolutely that a Binding Financial Agreement will be binding and completely enforceable legally, as the possibility of someone successfully applying to the Court to have the agreement set aside can never be completely eliminated.

Simply having an agreement can lessen the likelihood of court action.

Even if a person does apply to the Court to have the BFA set aside, a court will not interfere with an agreement just because it is unfair.

The fact that both parties must have, before they signed the agreement, each obtained their own Independent Legal Advice and obtained Certificates from the Lawyers giving them the advice, will assist in arguing against any suggestion by one party that they did not understand what they were signing or its consequences.

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