How to make a Special Circumstances Application for a Child Passport

Steps to make a Special Circumstances Application for a Passport for a Child 

If a divorced or separated parent can’t get the other parent to sign the passport application form, then they may be able to make a written request to the Australian Passports Office, asking them to consider issuing the passport under “special circumstances” without the consent of the other parent.

There are certain documents the Australian Passports Office will require you to provide to them if you make a special circumstances application.

So that you have the best possible chance of having your special circumstances application accepted and a passport for your child issued, you should think about providing any documents or further information that would help your case.

If you make a special circumstances application to the Australian Passport Office you should send with your application:



  • a statement made on either Form B-8 Mother’s name only on birth certificate or alternatively Form B-9 Child without full parental consent in which you state why the necessary consent has not and cannot be obtained, and explain the special circumstances about your application.
  • a copy of the letter to the other parent asking them to sign the passport application.
  • a copy of your return ticket if you have already booked travel.
  • a copy of your itinerary if you have already booked travel.
  • a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate.
  • if a court order has been issued then the signed Form B-7 about their being no further court orders.
  • a certified copy of the final parenting order made by the court.
  • a certified copy of any foreign court order if an order has been made by a foreign court.
  • if no court order has been made but a parenting plan has been made, a certified copy of the signed parenting plan.

If the non consenting parent disagrees with the child travelling overseas, the Australian Passports Office may declare that the matter should be determined by a Court.

The Australian Passports Office are not bound by Orders made in foreign courts regarding parental rights and responsibilities, unless they are registered under the Family Law Act 1975.

However, any order made by a foreign court should be submitted with the “special circumstances” request for consideration by the Australian Passports Office.

There is no guarantee the the passport office will grant a passport for a child under a special circumstances application.

If the Australian Passports Office do not accept a parent’s “special circumstances” request, then parent may then apply to the Court for an order permitting the child to obtain a passport and travel overseas.  Accordingly, before you make any application you should read the information on the relevant pages of the Australian Passport Office:

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