Preventing a Child Travelling Overseas: Passport already Issued

How to Stop a Child Travelling Overseas when there is already a Passport issued for the Child 

A Child Alert Request does not prevent a child from leaving Australia on a valid Australian (already issued) or a foreign passport.

If a passport for the Child has been issued in another country then you need to contact the embassy for that Country in Australia.

If your child already has a passport then the only way to stop them leaving Australia by plane is to get a PACE alert.

A PACE alert will get your child’s details put on an Airport Watch List at all International departure points in Australia enabling the Australian Federal Police to stop the child leaving Australia.



If a PACE alert is issued, your child will remain on the Airport Watch List until the Court orders otherwise.

If you do not have Court Orders for your children then you will need to make an urgent application to the Court for an Order authorising a PACE alert to be issued.

If you have Court Orders for the living arrangements of your children then it is possible for you to apply to the Australian Federal Police for a PACE alert. You will need to give them a copy of the Court Order. They may still require a more specific Court Order.

The Australian Federal Police will not place a child’s name on the Airport Watch list without a Court Order, except under very limited circumstances.

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