Documenting Your Parenting Agreement or Not Documenting the Agreement

What happens if you do not document your Parenting Agreement? 

If you don’t document the parenting arrangments you’ve agreed on, then, if you experience difficulties with the other Parent in the future, this can mean the parenting arrangments may change, or you may have no control over them.

The way you choose you document your parenting arrangments, also effects whether or not you may be able to get the Police and/or a Court to enforce your arrangement.

If you do not document your Parenting Agreement in a Court Order then:-

  • you will not be able to enforce your Parenting Agreement; and
  • it will not be legally binding.



You need to document the parenting arrangements you’ve agreed on in a way that will be legally binding and enforceable if you want:

  • peace of mind regarding the parenting arrangements you have agreed on;
  • to try to avoid a situation where your partner may try to change things later.


There are risks associated with not documenting your Parenting Agreement in a Court Order.


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