Overseas Adoption: How Parents Selected

How are Adopted Parents Chosen 

There is a procedure parents wishing to adopt a child from overseas must follow.

The first step is to lodge an expression of interest application.

After they have lodged an expression of interest application, the couple will be assessed as to whether they are deemed suitable to become adoptive parents.

Assessment is a comprehensive process.

If the couple is assessed as being suitable, then they will be sent a Notice of Selection and placed on an expression of interest register.

If the couple does not receive a Notice of Selection within 2 years of their expression of interest application, their application expires. They can lodge another expression of interest application.



The Queensland Department of Communities selects couples from the expression of interest register who they anticipate will meet the needs of the prospective adoptive child.

The range of factors the Queensland Department of Communities considers include:

  • The needs of the Child;
  • Placement of the adoptive child with their siblings;
  • Any preference the birth parents have about the type of family they would like their child to be placed with;
  • Other children of the prospective adoptive family;
  • Characteristics of the prospective adoptive parents;
  • Whether the prospective parents are agreeable to the adoptive child being placed in their care before the final adoption order is actually made.

As well as meeting the eligibility requirements in Qld law, couples must also meet the eligibility criteria specified by the individual country of the Child.

You will only be eligible to adopt a Child in Queensland if you also meet the eligibility requirements of the Child’s country.

Read more in our separate information sheet giving an overview of how to adopt a child from Overseas.

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