Step Parent Adoption: Alternatives Explained

Options other than Adoption for Step Parents 

Adoption is only one of the ways a step-parent can acquire parental responsibilities and rights towards a step-child.

Adoption is not the only way a step-parent can obtain parental responsibility for their step-child.

A step family relationship can be formalised without adoption having to occur.

There are a few options available to a step-parent other than actually adopting the step-child.

Other options include:



Sometimes it is not appropriate for a step-child to be adopted.

More is explained in our separate information sheet about when a step-parent may be able to adopt their step-child.

It can also be difficult for a step-parent to obtain an adoption order for their step-child.

In those circumstances the step-parent can formalise their relationship with their step-child by using one or more of these alternate options.


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