Court Orders: How to Change if the other party Agrees

How to change a Final Parenting Order when the other parent agrees 

Over time things change and you might end up agreeing with the other parent that the Final Parenting Order made the the Court some time ago, should change to suit new circumstances.

You might both be in complete agreement about what should change in the Parenting Order, but wish to ensure your new changed agreement is documented legally, in a way you could rely on later, if you ever need to.

You might have already reached agreement directly by talking with the other party, or you may have gone to Mediation or a Family Dispute Resolution Conference and been able to reach agreement on what should change.

Where you are in full agreement with the other party about all of the changes to the Final Parenting Order in most cases, there are 2 options:




  • You can agree with the other party to submit Consent Orders to the Court reflecting the change & have those new Orders made by the Court.
  • You can prepare a Parenting Plan setting out the changes with both parties signing and dating the Parenting Plan.  A Parenting Plan which amends a Parenting Order is binding.


These options are only available to you if are both able to reach full agreement on each and every change to the Final Parenting Order.

If you are not in full agreement then you may need to read about what happens if you want to change a Final Parenting Order and the other party does not agree.


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